September 22, 2020


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Reverse Okada Ban: Popular Nigerian Actor, Williams Uchemba, Pleads with Sanwo-Olu

Please Reverse OkadaBan - Williams Uchemba

Following the recent ban on Okada and Keke in Lagos state, reactions have continued to pour in from various quarters.

The latest is a plea from notable Nollywood actor, Williams Uchemba, who has recorded a special message in video for the governor of Lagos state.

In the video, the actor pleaded with the governor to consider the plight of not just the commuters but specially the riders of Okada and Keke.

He noted that the recent ban has thrown over 1 million people into unemployment and has taken food away from their families.

Williams added that the governor should reverse the ban, then provide alternative means of livelihood for those affected before implementing the ban again. He also stated that this is how it’s done in other countries.

Williams Uchemba has been in the fore-front of helping the less privileged. Through the Williams Uchemba Foundation, he has helped lift so many families out of penury, by giving them better accommodation and setting up small businesses for them.

In the video, he said he had personally bought Keke for several people to help them, but now, such people will find themselves back to joblessness again.

He hopes the governor will get to see his video and also do something about the okada ban.

See the video below:

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