Tue. Mar 31st, 2020


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I am not coming back to Nigeria – Tacha


Tacha prefers to quarantine in UK for corona virus

Natasha Akide, commonly known as Tacha may have just raised some dust with the latest video she released on social media.

The former BBNaija star recently travelled out to the U.K in the wake of the recent outbreak of Coronavirus and she seems to be having the fun of her life over there despite the rampaging virus, and does not want to come back to Nigeria.

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Tacha took to her Instagram handle to share a video with the caption “I’m not coming back oh!! Look down in the UK is better”. In the video, she could be seen standing on a deserted road and shouting “Nigeria, I am not coming oh. I am not coming back. I Natasha Akide is not coming back. Conora, sub corolla… I’m not coming back…

Since the outbreak of the deadly virus, several countries have shut down major activities and asked all citizens to stay at home in order to curtail the spread of the virus. So far, more than 250,000 people all over the world have been infected by the virus (COVID-19), with about 10,400 people have died from the virus infection.

The UK, where Tacha is comfortably taking abode, has so far recorded about 3,983 cases with a death toll of around 177. Meanwhile, here in Nigeria, there have only been about 12 cases of infections and no deaths recorded yet.

The index patient who brought the disease into the country has also been confirmed to have fully recovered and has been discharged from the hospital.


Most public places including schools, religious centers and stadia have been closed down in the UK as people have been asked to stay at home in a measure to control the further spread of the disease.

However, Tacha prefers the lockdown in the UK than coming back to Nigeria. Stay safe Tacha, please stay home and don’t contact the Coro ooo…

See Tacha’s post below: