Tue. Mar 31st, 2020


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Francis Ngannou Promises to Help 4 year old Nigerian Boxer

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4 yr old Nigerian Boy wants to be World Champion

The video of a 4 year old Nigerian boxer has gone viral and Francis Ngannou has promised to help him. The young boy named Ayomide Adeyemo is still in Kindergarten and stays in the Baruwa area of Lagos with his parents.

The young boy says his ambition is to one day become a boxing world champion. His father, Mr Adeyemo, who is a professional boxing trainer, doubles as his coach and takes him through the rigours and sparring sessions.

Adeyemo’s father stated that the boy trains for 3 hours for every training session which is usually on Saturdays and Sundays.

Mr Ayomide described his young son as a very fast learner and says he is happy that his boy is making progress.

Famous US based UFC heavyweight contender, Francis Ngannou, saw the video of the boy training with his father and was really impressed with what he saw. Francis has reached out to the boy’s father and has promised to take over the boy’s development and training from now till he becomes a world champion.

Further findings shows that Mr Adeyemo runs a boxing gym where he trains young boys in different weight categories. Their trainings are usually conducted outside in open air since they don’t have and cannot afford to build a proper gym.

Francis Ngannou
UFC Heavyweight contender, Francis Ngannou

Mr Adeyemo constantly posts his trainings sessions and workouts with his son and the other boys on his Instagram handle team_smd_sr.

In some posts of his son training, he will always add the caption, “You started in the ghetto, by the grace of GOD you will not end up in the ghetto”. Those words indeed seem prophetic as fortune will definitely smile on the little boy now.