Tue. Mar 31st, 2020


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Anthony Joshua: Lou DiBella Exposes Deontay Wilder

Anthony Joshua is the reigning WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO unified heavyweight champion of the world

Lou Dibella has come out to publicly expose Deontay Wilder as the real ducker in a protracted negotiation for a fight with Anthony Joshua.

DiBella was a co-promoter for Wilder along with Al Haymon and Shelly Finkel (who is Wilder’s current manager) until 2018.

Speaking to iFL TV, Lou DiBella declared that he lost his position in Wilder’s team because he had set up a meeting between DAZN and team Wilder in an attempt to make the fight between Joshua and Wilder.

That negotiation between DAZN and team Wilder eventually came to nothing after Wilder rejected DAZN’s mega offer of a 3-fight deal (that included 2 with Anthony Joshua) worth over a $100 million.

Lou Dibella is Deontay Wilder’s former co-promoter
Deontay Wilder is the WBC heavyweight champion of the world

Speaking to iFL TV, DiBella stated:

My relationship professionally as a promoter for Deontay Wilder and working with his team ended when I set up the DAZN meeting, which is perverse

What did I do? I tried to talk to everyone in the marketplace and make a best effort to make the most money for a guy that I cared about.

Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do?

With this latest revelation from a Wilder’s camp insider, it does now appear that Wilder is the one who is really ducking Anthony Joshua.

Meanwhile, Anthony Joshua has been quick to react to DiBella’s confession, hitting out angrily at Deontay Wilder.